Heart for Sale

The following note accompanied the submission:
"Id like to issue a TW for allusions to ableism & sexual assault"

it's not personal, it's businessman

no aesthetic outside my freedom

As promised: "the title of the second poem comes from a line by Mahmoud Darwish as translated by Fady Joudah. if accepted, however you'd like to acknowledge this would be rad!"

the cop in my head

This poem was submitted with the following note attached: "the title of the first poem comes from the work of Augusto Boal; [...]" (Rest of note to be published at a later date.)

Proceedings of the Show Trials Following the Climate Uprising

Let’s Pretend Today Is Not Sunday, But a Weekday

open letter to jerry seinfeld and michael richards of the hit 1990's situational comedy "Seinfeld"

warzone, warzone


Hairline Approaches Recession